Senior Services

Lodge Life Services provides a team approach to the delivery of Senior Services, believing that the best quality of service is one that provides a multi-faceted approach to enrich and sustain a person’s life. The Senior Team consists of the Financial Administrator, Senior Services Director, Business Analyst, and Case Workers; all who have varied degrees of expertise in planning and implementing senior services.

Power of Attorney Services

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None of us can know when and if the time will come when we are no longer able to handle our own affairs and decisions. Don’t you deserve the peace of mind knowing that someone will be there, when you need them – 7 days a week, 24 hours a day – Ready and able to step in to any situation on your behalf and make decisions how you would want them to be made! Contact us today about POA services and how we can serve you.

Guardianship Services

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Lodge Life Services work closely with Area Office on Aging and the local court system to provide a third party Guardianship service that meets the needs for competent decision-making on behalf of the client or ward. Our team stands ready to help the client and the client’s family deal with the sometimes difficult life transitions that an older adult must go through in order to enrich and sustain their lives.

Additional Senior Services

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  • When Lodge Life Services Team is acting as a POA or a Guardian, the scope of the work may include additional types of services that are specialized to the individual case and person’s needs. The Service plan may include many or just a few of the following:
    1. Lodge Life Services Bill Paying Services
      • VA Fiduciary
      • Trustee
      • Money Matters
    2. Estate Liquidation Services
    3. Cleaning and Clean out Services
    4. Antique and Collectibles Appraising
    5. Security and Lock Smith Services

Many of the Ancillary Services are performed by professional organizations who partner with the Lodge to provide a full array of services for the client, facilitated by the Lodge Guardian or POA Team.

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