Financial Services

Lodge Life Services offers specialized bill paying and money management services to individuals who have been deemed incapable of handling their own affairs by Social Security, the Veterans Administration, and the court system. Often, individuals are quite capable in handling many of their own affairs but need minimum assistance in staying on top of monthly bills and budget matters. Or individuals need assistance with bill paying and money management services as part of a broader support plan.

Veteran’s Administration Fiduciary

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Lodge Life Services offers VA Fiduciary services to individuals or families who are entitled to receive benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. The program manages a person’s monthly budget, pays bills, saves funds on behalf of the beneficiary, monitors notices from the Veterans Administration that can affect a person’s benefits and completes the necessary and required reporting.

Money Matters Program 

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The service offers monthly bill paying, budgeting and conservation of funds. The Money Matters program negotiates payment plans, prepares reports for any necessary organizations requiring reports and facilitates the filing of taxes through a qualified accounting/CPA firm. Essentially, Money Matters offers an individualized money management program based on the needs of the client.

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